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Best Call Tracking Software in 2020

Superior call tracking, and immediate connection to your leads.

Lead Butler 
| Instant Follow-Up
| Pays for Itself

Instant Follow-Up Pays For Itself

How much are missed leads costing your business?

Yield a 21x higher conversion rate by responding to leads in less than a minute.

Lead Butler allows your salespeople to instantly call new leads.

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Mobile Desktop All You Need

I'm Mr. Banks, your Lead Butler.

I provide sophisticated call tracking, and instant connection with new leads.
I will help you make more money by identifying the marketing channels that best connect you to your leads. Measure the phone leads you receive from both your online and offline marketing efforts.
With my help, you can learn more about your customers and your campaigns so you can be even more effective and close more sales.

Lead Butler 
| How Form-to-Call Works

How Form-to-Call Works

It’s vital to respond quickly to online leads. Shoppers jump quickly from website to website. Following up instantly with Lead Butler gives you the advantage over your competition. Capture your leads before they leave.

  1. Your customer submits a form on your website.
  2. Your phone rings immediately, answer and press “2”.
  3. They answer their phone, and you are now having a conversation with them.
This all occurs within 15 to 30 seconds. Your customers will be blown away by your response time, and won’t be shopping with your competition.

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Lead Butler 
| Features


Real Lead Tracking Solutions for the Modern Market

It is 2017, and your business has more opportunities than ever to grow. Through online marketing like Google Adwords, Bing Ads and the use of advanced analytics, local businesses are able to gain more sales leads than ever and build a better business model. However, if you do not have a call tracking system that is built to handle the latest advancements in lead marketing, you could be missing out on potential sales. If you want to make sure that you are securing the most leads and crushing it in your local market, then you need an effective lead management tool.

Stay on Point with Dynamic Website Call Tracking

If you have ever run multiple marketing campaigns with a click to call option for your customers, you know that it can give your business a big boost. On the other hand, you might find it frustrating when you see a surge in calls from multiple campaigns, but you do not know which campaign was most effective. Lead Butler has a killer solution for this particular problem, and it is guaranteed to blow your mind. With us, you can get customized phone numbers for each marketing campaign that send your customers directly to you as they always have. However, with Lead Butler and Dynamic Website Call Tracking, you can see exactly which number was dialed and trace it back to a specific campaign!

You cannot get lead tracking solutions that are better for your 2017 online marketing campaigns than our Dynamic Website Call Tracking. Taking the guesswork out of ad campaigns and getting you the most detailed analytics for your business today

Help with Static and Offline Call Tracking

It is 2017, but that does not mean that offline marketing is ineffective. However, you need to find ways to make your sales lead management effective for every campaign to stay on top of your game. With Static and Offline Call Tracking from Lead Butler, you will learn more about your customers and be able to better respond to their needs. Are you looking for the most effective way to capture leads from offline campaigns and create new ones with your next campaign? Because that is exactly what you will get with Lead Butler.

No other sales lead management service has a more comprehensive approach to your sales in 2017. The more informed you are, the better your business will be at converting leads into sales. With the sales lead tracker services from Lead Butler, you can turn every campaign into success and start building a better plan for the future.

Using Customization to Capture Leads in the Best Way for You

Do you want to make sure that your lead tracking solutions provide your team with the best opportunity to secure leads and turn them into sales? With Lead Butler, the customizable options are endless. Get the calls from your marketing campaigns transferred to a variety of different sales reps, forward to any line, and record calls to ensure quality.

The choices are all here for you to benefit from with this amazing lead management tool. Make sure that you have the call tracking system that works for the specific situations of your business.

Lead Butler Features Provide Everything You Need to Succeed

The more you know, the more you will grow. That is absolutely true, and it is why Lead Butler focuses on providing all of the most creative and insightful features. There is nothing more important than preparing your business to get the most out of your online marketing with our call tracking system. Our goal is to find the most recent and cutting-edge methods for lead tracking and sales lead management to help you keep your business model strong. Here are some of the ways that we keep you on track (pun certainly intended).

  • Campaign Tracking
  • Incoming and outgoing SMS Text Marketing
  • Keyword & Visitor Tracking
  • Call Recording
  • Live Call Dashboard
  • Custom Call Flows
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google AdWords Integration
  • Integrations & API

The sales leads that you get from marketing campaigns are vital to your business. Tracking and securing these leads is a process that is always changing, but luckily you do not have to keep up on your own. When you choose Lead Butler for your sales lead tracking service, you get a team that is dedicated to the lead tracking game. Call today, and find out how much more efficient your call tracking system can be and how we can increase your business right away!

Lead Butler 
| Pricing


Insights Call Tracking

$18/ mo
Campaign Tracking
Incoming and outgoing SMS Text Marketing
Keyword & Visitor Tracking
Call Recording
Live Call Dashboard
Custom Call Flows
Google Analytics Integration
Google AdWords Integration
Integrations & API

Return On Investment

  • Our follow-up system makes visitors 325% more likely to work with you.
  • Automated follow-up tools are quick to set up and easy to manage.
  • Form-to-call Alert System tracks and records every incoming call.
  • Detailed User Tracking tells you the location where each call originates.


For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Connect page.

Lead Butler Account Management

As many as you like, you can either route all numbers to one main phone number or separate numbers for each tracking number.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to disable any account. If you opt to cancel your Lead Butler account, you may always reactivate it when you’re ready. Keep in mind, if you cancel your account, all your tracking numbers will be disabled and you’ll need get different phone numbers when you reactivate your account.

Creating Up Tracking Numbers

 Tracking numbers are available and ready for immediate use.

 Yes! We offer 888,866, and 877 toll free numbers for an additional cost per month and per number.

 Unfortunately we do not offer vanity tracking numbers at this time.