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Smart Cash Flow Creation

Why Lead Butler? Well, “Superpowered cash flow creators” was too long of a name. We build you local micro niche websites that rank, then rent to a business generating you passive income.

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Lead Butler 
| How it Works

How it Works

I’m Mr. Banks, I was strategically designed to generate you passive income by delivering high quality leads and inquiries to businesses. Our 4 step process makes your success inevitable!

Micro Niche

Define Micro Niche in a specific service industry

GEO Target Market

Define GEO Target Market and your Customer Profile (Characteristics)

Plan, Design & Build

Plan, Design, and Build a Lead Generation Website and Marketing Campaign

Launch Campaign

Launch Campaign, Assess Results, Adjust Content to Optimize Lead Volume

Lead Butler 
| Services


lead-butler-lead generation experts
  • Intelligently Pick The Best Search Keywords
  • Create a Stunning Lead Generation Website
  • Management of Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Designed Display Advertisements
  • Tracking All Phone Calls & Form Entries
  • Google My Business Ranking and Posting
  • Monthly Report of Traffic from the Campaign
  • Keyword Revisions Updated Monthly
  • Advanced Website Hosting Platform
  • High Speed Website Page Loading
  • Enhanced SSL Security
Lead Butler 
| Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

I know that without a mobile-friendly website, a business is at risk of becoming invisible online.

84% of small businesses who have invested in a mobile presence say that they see immediate and long-term benefits (Source:

According to a recent study, mobile internet traffic reached 70%, surpassing desktop internet traffic which declined to 30%.  Source: CNET)

lead butler lead generation mobile lead magnets
Lead Butler 
| Websites that Convert!

Websites that Convert!

How can I improve website traffic and conversions for your lead generation campaigns?

This is the question I live for, and it’s the one your own Digital Strategist will never stop asking. It’s the key to strong ROI and the very thing that sets us apart from other digital agencies: You won’t find a “set it and forget it” approach with LeadButler.

  1. Expert User Experience Planning
  2. Clean Web Design and Layout
  3. Unique and Authoritative Content
  4. Professional Graphics and Photos
  5. Lightning Fast Website Speed
  6. Strategic Research and Planning
  7. Ongoing UX Updates

Lead Butler 
| Strategically Written Content

Strategically Written Content

Lead Butler 
| Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Ranking

I understand the power and potential of seo. It’s more than just keywords, and content, Google’s algorithm has changed hundreds of times over the past 12 months. Our team of SEO experts knows the DO’s and DON’T of Search Engine Optimization.

Google Has Been Very Clear About The Importance Of:

  1. Expertise
  2. Authority
  3. Trust
Lead Butler 
| Reputation Management

Reputation Management

All Lead Generation Sites Listed On Top 46+ Search Engines

  1. Generate Reviews
  2. Manage Google My Business
  3. Post To Google My Business
  4. Keyword Performance Reports
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I promise it will be the most rewarding 30 minutes you have ever spent learning digital property investing.